Working with a Roof That Has Been Previously Coated

Working with a Roof That Has Been Previously Coated

The cliché “you are only as good as exactly what you adhere to” is quite proper when it concerns a roofing system finishing job on a previously coated roofing system. Roofs that have actually been coated in the past are the most difficult for reliable roofing system repair through the application of a new roofing system covering system.

How do you know if the existing finish has dependable adhesion? Pressure cleaning. Aggressive pressure washing. We suggest utilizing a rotary nozzle (turbo suggestion) to determine the adhesive state of the materials on the roofing system. This method will show potential flaws that may not be apparent issues during a general roof survey.

Old coatings, specifically aluminum, are frequently not adhered well to metal or flat roofing systems. By doubling the amount of time spent pressure cleaning an old roof finish with a turbo tip, you can ensure the old materials are entirely removed from the substrate. Or, if the product cannot be eliminated with the pressure cleaning, you understand the adhesion is steady. Either result will give you the confidence to use the new coating system with no doubts.

Generally, if the old system comes off the roof, the brand-new covering system will come off with it.

As a contractor, the adhesion capabilities of brand-new roofing system coating products and systems need to not be your only concern. The other questions lie just underneath your job. If the existing covering isn’t really highly abided by the roofing substrate, the brand-new system you install may release from the roof with the old finishing. Essentially, if the old system comes off the roof, the new finishing system will come off with it.

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Luckily, previously layered roofing systems are still candidates for fully reliable remediation. With contemporary roofing system coating technology, several finishes and guides can quickly comply with just about any substrate or aged covering materials.